Algorithm vs Meteorologist Hail Maps

Algorithm vs Meteorologist Hail Maps

HailTrace is unique in offering two distinct methods for tracking hail: Algorithm and Meteorologist hail maps.

Algorithm maps give you computer-generated precision and consistency, useful for standard storm tracking. Yet, they struggle to adapt to each storm's unique characteristics.

Meteorologist maps, crafted by weather experts, excel in refining data and offering real-time adjustments, but they face challenges in handling a high volume of storms consistently.

HailTrace merges these two approaches, giving you an exclusive advantage. You get both algorithmic precision and human accuracy to ensure you're targeting the right neighborhoods to generate leads and ultimately close more sales!

Curious to learn more? Check out the "Pros and Cons" list below for algorithm and meteorologist hail maps below!

Found a neighborhood with customers? Check out these features to generate leads from those areas:
  1. Lead Lists: Pull a list of the name and contact info for an area that can be used for cold calling, mailers, and/or ad campaigns.
  2. Canvassing Campaigns: With our canvassing product, you company can create and assign a neighborhood to a team of canvassers. 
  3. Opportunity Pipeline: Never let a lead slip through the cracks as you push it through your sales pipeline.

Algorithm Hail Maps


  1. PrecisionAlgorithm hail maps shine in granularity, offering a view that captures hail size in 0.25” increments.
  2. ConsistencyRelying on math, these maps provide a standardized yet unique approach to hail tracking.
  3. Custom Built: Unlike other vendors who simply repurpose National Weather Service data(that predicts where hail will hit as a warning system), our algorithm hail maps are specifically tailored by a team of meteorologists to show what actually occurred during a storm. 
  4. Catches Human Error: Meteorologists are human, meaning they can make mistakes. Our algorithm hail maps provide a helpful balance to compensate for human error.   


  1. Slow Adaption: Algorithm hail maps cannot quickly adapt to live feedback from the ground (think homeowners posting pictures of hail). 
  2. Tight Gradients: Algorithms have difficulty accurately capturing tight variations in hail impact, something human meteorologists excel at.
  3. Consistency: While algorithms apply the same analysis to every storm, this can be a drawback. Every storm is unique, and algorithms might not catch those subtleties that a human meteorologist can easily identify.

Meteorologist Hail Maps


  1. Data RefinementMeteorologists can apply different conceptual models to data, cleaning up anomalies and interpreting complex patterns.
  2. Realtime data: Meteorologist maps are being adjusted in real-time based on storm reports, social media activity, and on-the-ground feedback from our customers. 
  3. Quick Adaption: Human experts can identify dramatic shifts from no hail to large hail, an area where algorithms may falter.
  4. Meteorologist on-call: If a map seems unclear or inaccurate, HailTrace customers are able to get feedback and map corrections from our team of meteorologist.


  1. InconsistencyThe human touch can create rich, nuanced maps but may also lead to slight variations in the interpretation of data.

How HailTrace Combines Both

When it comes to "accuracy," most contractors are really seeking actionable info for a competitive edge. Wasting even a day in the wrong area doesn't just mean lost time; it means lost sales opportunities.

That's why HailTrace integrates both algorithmic and meteorologist maps to truly maximize precision, consistency, and localized insight, setting you up to find quality leads and close more sales.

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