Create an Asset

Create an Asset

A piece of property, such as a building, that has a physical location and is indicated with an icon on a map. An Asset has an owner, manager and/or tenant that are a potential Contact. An Asset also always has an attached Opportunity which defines the Asset's icon on the map.

There are several ways to create an asset for the mobile and browser app depending on the situation.

Use the Maps Tab
  1. Location is Unknown
  2. Location is Known
Use the Assets Tab (Mobile Only)
  1. Address is Known

*Have a list of Assets you need to import into the HailTrace app? Read how to Import Assets

Use Maps Tab

Location is Unknown 

Creating an asset without knowing an address, business name, business type, and etc can happen when sales teams are researching an area or canvassing door-to-door. 

Mobile App

1.  Along the bottom bar, select Maps tab

2.  Zoom onto a Location or Enable your Location Icon if you are at the address

3.  Tap and hold on the Location

4.  Select Status 
A.  Tap the Status
B.  OR tap and hold the Status to add Asset details, link a contact, or update the opportunity

Browser App

1.  Along the left-hand bar, select Maps tab, indicated with a "location icon"

2.  Use the map to zoom in to Find a Location *You do not need to select a location 

3.  Along the right vertical bar, click the ➕

4.  Pick the Opportunity Status

5.  Click the Location

Learn how to Edit an Asset Here

Location is Known 

Mobile App

1.  Along the bottom bar, select Maps tab

3.  Tap Create Asset

4.  Select Status 
A.  Tap the Status
B.  OR Tap and hold the Status to add Asset details, link a contact, or update the opportunity

Browser App

1.  Along the left-hand bar, select Maps tab

3.  Click Create Asset

4.  Select Opportunity Details 

5.  Select a Status 

6.  Click Save

Learn how to Edit an Asset Here

Use Assets Tab

Address is Known

Mobile App

Only available in the Mobile app
1.  Select More tab

2.  Tap Assets tab

3.  Tap the ➕

4.  Under "Current Opportunity Status", select Status 

5.  Under "Location", select Address

6.  Tap ✔️ to save

Learn how to Edit an Asset Here

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