Create Custom Fields for Assets

Create Custom Fields for Assets

Details about an Asset can be added under "Asset Details," such as Location, Roof Type , and Last Exterior Renovation Date. However, the information collected can be customized to meet user's needs, as shown below.

For example, a user may want to collect information for an Asset's driveway condition and the date of the last driveway renovation. A user would create Field Group "Driveway" and two Fields underneath it for "Condition" and "Last Renovation."

  1. Customization is only available in the Browser App.
  2. A Custom Fields can be set as "Required". Use this feature sparingly, as Users cannot save an Asset unless that field is filled out.

Step 1: Add Field Group

  1. Along the left-hand bar, select Company Settings, indicated by the "building" icon
  2. Under "Custom Fields", select Building tab
  3. Click ➕ Add Field Group on the bottom of the page
  4. Add a Field Group Name and click Save *Eg. Driveway, Trim, Gutter, Siding, etc

Step 2: Create Field

  1. Click ➕ Create Field 
  2. Fill out form:
    1. Type: Choose what data needs to be collect , such as time, text box, check box, contact info, and etc
    2. Label: Add a title to the Field *eg Last Driveway Renovation Date or Gutter Condition
    3. Placeholder Text: Include a short description of the info to be collected
    4. Required Field: Choose if the information collected will be optional or mandatory *See Note In Intro
    5. Field Width: Customize the size of the field: Full, Medium, or Small
  3. Click Save
*You can add as many Fields as needed under a Field Group

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