Terms & Definitions

Terms & Definitions

  1. Asset: A piece of property, such as a building, that has a physical location and is indicated with an icon on a map. An Asset has an owner, manager and/or tenant that are a potential Contact. An Asset also always has an attached Opportunity which defines the Asset's icon on the map.
  1. Contact: The personal information (name, mailing address, mobile number, email address, etc.) of any individual (owner, manager, and/or tenant) that is related to an Asset.
  1. Trade: Category of work that a contractor can perform on an Asset. Trades consist of Roof, Gutters, Siding, Paint, Windows, Screens, Electrical, and Custom.
  1. Opportunity: A potential or realized sales opportunity with regard to an Asset. Opportunities include a Price, Stage, Status, and Trades(and can be customized to include more options).
  1. Stage: A pre-defined list of opportunity states that determine the Opportunity’s general relationship with respect to a customer. The valid Stages are as follows: Prospect, Lead, Open, Closed, Lost. 
  1. Status: A custom list of opportunity states that determine the Opportunity's specific relationship with respect to an customer. Each Status is a sub-category of a Stage. When an Asset's Opportunity has been granted a Status(a requirement when creating an asset), it is automatically assigned the parent Stage(Prospect, Lead, Open, Closed, or Lost).
  1. Pipeline: Potential Statuses and Stages that an Asset's Opportunity can move through.
  1. Marker: Another name for an Asset’s current Opportunity's Status.
  1. User: A person using HailTrace and its Maps with a specific Role(s).
  1. Role: A set of permissions given a User(s) to carry out their tasks and responsibilities within their company.
  1. Custom Roles: A tailored list of Roles that fits a companies needs and goals for them and their Users. Learn How to Create Custom Roles

  1. Maps (See also Weather Event): The visual representation of a Weather Event on a Cartesian map. A shape representation of an area of land showing the impact of weather (hail, wind, or tornadoes) on Locations. Maps are used to find potential weather damage, create marketing campaigns, and generate new leads.
  1. Location: A point or shape in physical space. A Location can (but does not have to have) an address. Right now, only Assets have Locations attached to them that allows the HailTrace App to determine things like Impacts Histories and send impact alerts.
  1. Form: A grouping of fields designed to create or modify some thing in the app. For example, a form exists that modifies or creates Contacts in the system.
  1. Field: Defines what properties are stored on a specific "thing" in the system. For instance, a Contact Form may have a "First Name" field that can be modified or added.
  1. Canvassing Campaign: A Campaign is an initiative to generate leads or qualified leads (Prospects). A canvassing Campaign allows a User to draw a region that his team then canvasses to create leads. The campaign can be assigned to users in the system who will be the one's doing the canvassing. 
  1. Weather Event: A single date of storms. A Weather Event is a collection of all the storm activity on a single day. For example, on June 21, 2021 there was hail in four Locations. These would all be considered part of the June 21, 2021 Weather Event.
  1. Impact History: A list of hail size, wind speed, or tornados that have impacted a specific Location. Each impact includes the magnitude of the impact (40MPH for wind) and the date when the impact took place (2021-01-26). 
  1. API Keys: A key generated and given to a developer or integrator that allows them to interact with HailTrace App through the HailTrace App OpenApi. See developers.hailtrace.com

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