The Power of Meteorologist & Algorithm Hail Maps

The Power of Meteorologist & Algorithm Hail Maps

HailTrace stands at the forefront of providing independent and actionable insights into areas impacted by a storm, with a unique array of tools

  1. Meteorologist hail maps

  2. Algorithm hail maps 

  3. NOAA public reports

  4. Eyewitness images

This suite of resources is designed to meet the needs of all customers—whether they require comprehensive data from all sources or simply seek straightforward answers. 

HailTrace's integration of both meteorologist-generated and algorithm-generated hail maps into a single solution provides a level of insight that empowers our customers with all the available information to find impacted areas.

But what are the unique strengths of our meteorologist hail maps and our algorithm hail maps?

Meteorologist Hail Maps

HailTrace distinguishes itself by employing a dedicated team of meteorologists who specialize in creating detailed storm maps. This commitment to expert analysis ensures unmatched insights and accuracy. 

Our maps excel in filtering anomalous data and interpreting complex weather patterns, thanks to the expertise of our meteorologists. They possess an exceptional ability to identify sudden changes in weather conditions, offering a nuanced understanding of hail events.

Algorithm Hail Maps

Our algorithm-based hail maps provide the precision and consistency of computer-generated analysis

These maps are developed to meticulously pinpoint hail impact locations on the ground, integrating data from various sources, including ground truth reports, meteorologist insights, weather radar, supercomputer modeling, and sophisticated algorithms.

Our approach corrects for the discrepancies often found in traditional maps, which may assume hail falls straight down. By modeling the storm in four dimensions, we show where hail made ground contact, taking into account factors such as wind and storm movement.

Map specifications

Meteorologist Hail Maps:

  • Initiate at 1” hail sizes, with variations according to the storm.

  • Historical data available since 2010.

  • Updated in near-real-time by our meteorologists.

  • Coverage includes the U.S., with limited availability in Australia and Canada.

Algorithm Hail Maps:

  • Begin at 0.75” hail sizes, increasing in 0.25” increments up to 4”+.

  • Historical data since January 1, 2010.

  • Updates occur every 15-60 minutes.

  • Exclusive coverage in the U.S.

Found a neighborhood with customers? Check out these features to generate leads from those areas:
  1. Lead Lists: Pull a list of the name and contact info for an area that can be used for cold calling, mailers, and/or ad campaigns.
  2. Canvassing Campaigns: With our canvassing product, your company can create and assign a neighborhood to a team of canvassers. 
  3. Opportunity Pipeline: Never let a lead slip through the cracks as you push it through your sales pipeline.

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