Understand Roles

Understand Roles


Role is a set of permissions given a User(s) to carry out their tasks and responsibilities within their company.

When an account with HailTrace is set-up, the Primary Account Holder is given all the permissions inside the app. Each new User added to the account, must be assigned a role(s). with its corresponding permissions. There are a dozen pre-set roles to get you started. However, you can Create Custom Roles to fit your company's needs. 

Basics of roles

  1. Users can be granted multiple roles as fits your company's needs. However, only give a select number of users access to all roles and features.
  2. Only "Admin" roles have the permission to delete assets, contacts, users, opportunities, and etc.
  3. Generally, permissions give a user access to only the user-owned feature (eg. assets, contacts, campaigns, and etc). However, the term "any" on a permission allows a user to see, edit, or use a feature of not only themself but also all other users in the company. Usually, only Admin roles have "any" permissions.*
    1. Example: The role Asset User has the permission "view assets". This permission gives a user the ability to see all the assets they have created. In contrast, the role Asset Admin has a permission "view any asset". This permission gives that user the ability to see all assets users have created inside the company.
    2. See the article on Manage Company Hierarchy to give managers access to assets, contacts, and opportunities of their team without access to assets, contacts, and opportunities of the whole company.
*The permissions "View Any Contacts" and "List Any Contacts" are given to non-admin roles to create a cohesive list of contacts through your company and to remove accidental duplicates.

Limits to roles

  1. Subscription: If your current subscription with HailTrace is not all our current plans (Maps, Residential Data, Commercial Data, and Canvassing), you will not be able to utilize all the roles and features available in the app. Thus, the roles you create and assign will be limited to your subscription. 
  2. Canvasser plan: This plan has a Seat Limit (a set number of users) that can have a Canvasser, Canvassing Manager, and Canvassing Admin role.
    1. The Primary Account Holder automatically takes up one of your seats in your plan.
    2. Custom Roles, with a canvassing permission, will take up a seat in your plan. 

Roles under HailTrace Plans

  1. Residential Data
    1. Residential Lead User: 
      1. Grants ability to download residential lead lists.
    2. Advanced Location Data User: 
      1. Grants ability to view advanced individual location lead data, see Impact History at location, and generate PDF Impact History Reports for that location.
  2. Commercial Data
    1. Commercial Lead User: 
      1. Grants ability to download commercial lead lists.
  3. Storm Maps: Hail Maps and/or Wind Maps
    1. Admin: 
      1. Grants ability to manage all users and settings.
    2. Billing Admin: 
      1. Grants ability for user to administrate company billing details.
    3. Asset User: 
      1. Grants ability to manage user-owned assets and contacts.
    4. Asset Admin: 
      1. Grants advanced ability to manage and delete all Assets and Contacts.
    5. Map Viewer: 
      1. Grants ability to explore weather events.
    6. Instant Impact PDF Creator: 
      1. Grants ability to generate PDF Reports within their subscription.
    7. Advanced Asset Alert User: 
      1. Grants ability for user to get asset lists sent to them when their assigned assets get impacted.
    8. Advanced Asset Alert Admin: 
      1. Grants ability for user to get asset lists sent to them when any asset in the company is impacted.
  4. Canvassing
    1. Canvasser: 
      1. Grants ability to manage user-owned contacts, assets, opportunities, and canvassing regions.
    2. Canvassing Manager: 
      1. Ability to manage their own Contacts, Assets, Opportunities, and manage canvassing campaigns. (See Company Hierarchy to manage canvasser’s Assets, Contacts, and Opportunities).
    3. Canvassing Admin: 
      1. Grants advanced ability to manage all contacts, assets, and canvassing regions.

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